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The opening China is walking toward the world, and the world is also coming to China. Now, China Education Reform and Development Outline has clearly put forward “encourage education internationalization”. Whether we improve English Chinese-English bilingual education teaching or promotion, we all need English foreign teachers to join us. Buckland International Education Group has been committed to this field for a long time. If you are interested in the information, please click here, further understand BUCKLAND and know how to come to China...

Foreign teachers in China...

Buckland has already recruited more than 500 teachers previously and we are in co-operation with more than 100 schools all over China。Some of our foreign teachers, who were only contracted for a year, have stayed on for 6 or 7 years,because they don’t want to leave!Most of our foreign teachers have relished in their school life and have found it easy to get involved in school activities。They have also enjoyed getting to know the teachers,students and locals。If you want to read some of our teachers experiences and stories of teaching in China, please click here, a series of words, pictures and videos will show you the reality...

To promote Chinese-English bilingual education, English foundation is the pre-condition. So, strengthening and reforming English teaching is the preparation stage of bilingual education. To know our Buckland Bilingual Education Promotion Program is good for you when you arrive at the school, and understand the teaching strategy and work schedule in China.


If you want to experience China's culture to the fullest, then this programme is for you! We offer a great cultural exchange called ‘Buckland Family Bilingualism Exchange Plan; where you can live with a Chinese family for a year! The idea resembles that of an aupair, yet it is much more inclusive and easier to apply for than an Aupairing role。 The adventure will help you gain a deeper understanding of the real China.



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Buckland Chinese-English Bilingual Education Promotion Program

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