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Buckland Chinese-English Bilingual Education Promotion Program

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bilingual teaching1. Bilingual education experimental program

Buckland International Education Group cooperates with China bilingual Education Research Center. They are making great contribution to Chinese-English bilingual education. Among all the programs, Bilingual Education Promotion is the most important one. Buckland Group would like to introduce China Education Society, Bilingual Education Research Center and the related bilingual education research projects from Ministry of Education to all the elementary, secondary schools, even universities which are willing to try the bilingual education experiment. At present, we are promoting China Education Society “11th-Five-Year-Plan”Chinese-English bilingualism key task, Ministry of Education “11th-Five-Year-Plan”Chinese-English bilingualism key research results, and Buckland Group successful bilingual education cases.

2. A brief introduction to Buckland bilingual education experimental program

Set up bilingual school① Choose programs according to the situation of the school (primary, secondary, high school), and set up BBEC project team. In principle, we just choose one primary,one secondary and one high school as bilingual experimental schools in a district.

② For those schools which haven't promoted bilingual education, at the beginning, we choose one to two hundred students every year for experimental class. Buckland sends one or two professional English teachers from UK, USA or Canada, helps those schools to choose the textbook, arranges the bilingual education experimental class, creates English environment in the school and class, offers bilingual textbook and helps them formulate the basic scheme of bilingual education experiment. (for those schools which don’t promote the bilingual education at present, we can start with strengthening and improving the English teaching.

③ The first stage, pay attention to enhance English foundation and cultivate communication ability. The second stage, add up other subjects' bilingual teaching gradually. The third stage, foreign teachers or Chinese teachers try to use original English textbooks to carry out some subjects by using English only.

④ Train the key teachers of English, math, chemistry, physics, history, geography, biology and art, etc. stage by stage, to improve their ability of bilingual teaching.

⑤ Organize education research activity abroad and establish friendly relations with foreign schools.

⑥ Assist the potential schools to become bilingual schools. (Click here, watch video: Buckland/China Bilingual Education Research Center news: Mr. Owen visits Hunan Lanshan No.1 Middle School.)

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