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Site:  HomepageA Brief Introduction to Buckland Family Bilingualism Exchange Program

A Brief Introduction to Buckland Family Bilingualism Exchange Program

Source : Buckland Information center        Author : this site compile

Basic ideas: For the Chinese family, you may be their short-term foreign brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, or grandmother. You will live with your Chinese family members in China.

Live and study together,

Play and do housework together,

Exchange language and culture,

build international sense Benefit both parties, improve together.

An Overview of the Program

At present, China's comprehensive reform in tourism has taken shape. The pattern is called " a province, an island, a city”: Yunnan Province National Tourism Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area; Hainan International Island and Guilin National Tourism Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area. Recently, the State Council issued a number of suggestions to promote the development of Hainan International Island. There is a construction boom of building an international island in Hainan now.

The sound of building an international Hainan is inspiring. On February 24, 2010, Guilin organized a party and government delegation by the Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Liu Jun; Guilin Mayor Li Zhigang; Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, propaganda Minister Chen Lihua; Municipal Committee, Party Secretary-General Dandong Long; Vice Mayor Wang Yang. They had a special study trip to Hainan. Hainan Governor Luo Baoming received the delegation and had a nice discussion with them. Open and exchange with the outside world will be the main theme of development in Guilin and Guangxi.

In addition to inter-governmental international exchanges, there are also non-governmental exchanges about education, culture, technology and other aspects. Buckland International Education Group plans to establish over 10 foreign-friendly partner schools (primary, secondary and vocational schools), to achieve educational exchanges. At the same time, the Group wants to create more than 100 international exchange families (or the "International Au Pair" program). We introduce young or elderly people from Europe and America into Guangxi and other different parts of China, and sent a number of young students to Europe and America families, achieve non-governmental cultural and educational exchanges. We emphasize the exchange ideas "people to people", "Family to family", communication, integration, specific.

Join this plan, children will enable to establish an international awareness at an early age, broaden their horizons, improve their English in a short time, and lay a solid foundation for the children to study abroad, employment or further education. This exchange practice has already started in Shandong, Hunan and other provinces. In 2005, Qingdao began this exchange program. Minister of Education Yuan Guiren also actively encouraged such non-governmental exchanges in his speech at relevant meetings in 2010. (Click here to watch: video report from Hunan Satellite TV)

Family Bilingualism pictures :

to kindergarten...

Read English album...

We are a family!

Chinese families say...

say “The Great Wall”

Visit the Great Wall...

good playmates...

Play slide with...

International Talents ...

Bilingual experts...

Linguists visited...

Buckland International Education Group introduces not only "Au Pair", but also includes the elderly - such as retired senior intellectuals soon, teachers, business workers, so it is called "Family Bilingualism Exchange Program”. Buckland Group has also invested in the "Hainan Buckland International Exchange Co., Ltd.", to carry out the program together, offer the convenience to Hainan families. Guangxi and more Mainland families can contact the relevant issues with Buckland Group. (Click the video: Foreign au pairs talk about their feelings of living with Chinese families)

Exchange period: To each family, the exchange period is usually from three months to one year. We have fully considered all the questions you may concern. You are welcome to see more relevant information. We also welcome you to contact us through telephone, website message.

Consulting telephone: ++86 - 773 - 8827555     E-mail:

Click here: Consulting Message Board Consulting    QQ: 185757657


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