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They are in China

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LeaderetteForeign teachers come to China, after a short-term training in Buckland, they have a more specific understanding of China and China's education. Therefore most of them are well integrated into local society and the work of the school. They work and teach hard, get along well with Chinese and make great contributions to the school. Some foreign teachers build a profound friendship with local students and teachers. Some of them even decide to work in China for a long time. Foreign teachers are in China. Their actions create a lot of foreign cultural and educational exchange stories. The moving stories are passing from mouth to mouth with approbation. Because material collection is not very comprehensive, the stories we put here only a small part.

David1. One foreign teacher David Bartlett comes from New Zealand. He has worked in China for many years. He was initially working at a school in Guilin, Guangxi for a whole year. We can learn from his book Teaching at Sunny School: when he "experiences new life," what true feelings does he have.      ( Learn more.. )

Foreign teachers from the United States Aaron2. A foreign teacher Aaron (Chinese name in Pinyin: Along) is from the United States. On the eve of his return home, he jumped into the river and rescued two drowning children in China. A few days later, Aaron returned to Buckland International Education Group in Guilin and wanted to say goodbye to his Chinese friends, then returned to the United States. Buckland International Education Group president Mr. Owen met Aaron and praised his noble character of self-sacrifice. They took this memorable photo. (Learn more...)

Yongzhou3.  In early 2008, China suffered snowstorm in many areas. Traffic and people's lives were also affected. All areas tried to help the stricken region. Lengshuitan District of Yongzhou city organized a charity performance. At that time, many foreign teachers (from Buckland Group) in Yongzhou participated in this performance, showed their love and compassion to the Chinese people. Local TV stations recorded their wonderful performance. (Click the video)

Michelle4. Buckland foreign teacher Michelle comes from Australia. She has worked in Buckland for many years. She met and fell in love a local English teacher Huang Yukun. Finally they got married. On the wedding day, Michelle's father and mother came to China from Australia to attend their daughter's wedding. DV recorded the entire wedding. (Click the video)

Guilin Evening Paper5. In Yangshuo, , two Canadian teachers of Buckland Group, Jennifer and her son Lucas came to West Street with Buckland workers. They originally intended to ride a bicycle to visit the Moon hill. On the Way to Moon hill, they met some students. They were raising fund for their classmate who was suffering from leukemia. Jennifer and her son Lucas gave up the tour program, and decided to participate in the fund-raising action. (Picture & Text pages to be uploaded)

Betts6. Buckland International Education Group Teaching Director, China Bilingual Education and Research Advisor Betts, a Canadian has worked in Buckland for many years. She has done a lot of work in the training of foreign teachers and Chinese bilingual teachers. Here we record her deeds when she was invited to Hongjiang City, Hunan to train more than 70 English and bilingual teachers. (Picture & Text pages to be uploaded)

7. In Hunan, a number of foreign teachers won awards in the Hunan Province Foreign Experts Bureau essay contest. Their article reflects these foreign teachers’ feelings about teaching in Chinese schools. Reading these articles, we can feel that China is gradually walking toward the world, and being understood by the world. The world is also getting closer to China. Multi-cultural exchange and integration is becoming a reality. The foreign teachers naturally brought international perspective, new thinking ways, new educational concepts and methods to the local schools, which would change the schools and local communities. And the developing China would leave them good memories. Here we have chosen two of the awarded articles. || Click: 1. Natalie Connell (U.K.),   2. Mr.Curt (U.S.A.),   3. Mr David Schendel (U.K.)

Francine8. "She is Francine, we call her Fulangxi(in Chinese Pinyin). She is 60-year-old
and she is a Canadian. She came to Huaiya Middle School, Mei County, Baoji City ,Shaanxi Province in September last year "; " We like her English conversation classes very much. We are also very fond of her". When we mentioned Francine, the students all came up, rushed to say. Have adapted to the life in China, Francine said she was very interested in China. Even her old mother was infected by her and intended to visit China this winter. (Picture & Text pages to be uploaded)

Laurie9.  Laurie and his wife Betts were originally professors at a Canadian university. After they retired, they came to visit Yangshuo. They thought Yangshuo was so beautiful, and Buckland Group was also like a warm family, so they decided to stay in Yangshuo. The couple worked together and went to some local rural primary schools to teach. They also organized more than 200 foreign volunteers to come to Yangshuo to teach Spoken English. So that about 2000 children could learn "super English" for free. Therefore, the couple was known as "foreign Lei Feng"(Lei Feng is a People's Liberation Army soldiersi,he is a Chinese example who helps others without asking for anything). Local media repeatedly reported their good deeds. (Picture & Text pages to be uploaded)

P.S. China Radio International interviewed Canadian Laurie Mackenzie and his "Volunteer English Teacher Program"(V.E.T.) Interview date: September 10, 2007
      This is recording of an interview

Natalie10. Buckland International Education Group sent a British couple Natalie and
David to teach in Hunan. They are teaching carefully and seriously. They also love and concern about students, especially the students whom are do poorly in their studies and have family difficulties. They received extensive praise from teachers and students for their hard work and true love. The students of Lixian Vocational schools call Ms. Natalie "Natty mother". Natty is her nickname. The students’ love is true, deep, strong and evident. (Picture & Text pages to be uploaded)

DV11. When Buckland foreign teachers are working in many parts of China, some of
them received a TV interview. From their talk, we can learn more. Click here to see those precious videos. (Please click : video center)


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