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It was Widespread News and There were Praises that an American English Teacher Saved Drowning Child Bravely

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Source : Hunan Daily      Author : this site compile

AaronOn the 15th June 2007,the parents of Zhuwen sent a banner of thanks after Zhuwen into the water and was saved by a foreign teacher by the name of Aaron(Aaron was sent to Hunan Daoxian No.2 Secondary School from Buckland International Education Group,he was foreign English teacher).The parents thanked Aaron so much and on the 21st of June 2007 the Hunan Daily reported it as "American English Teacher Saved Drowning Child Bravely". On July 2nd, Aaron went back to Guilin and prepared for his return to America, the President of Buckland (Mr. Owen Buckland) had a meeting with Aaron to praise him, leaving this precious photograph.)

Aaron came from the United States to Buckland last year. After the training course in Buckland, Aaron was sent to Hunan Daoxian No.2 Secondary School as a foreign English teacher. He loved Chinese culture very much and his Chinese name "A long”, the pronunciation was similar to his English name. In order to adapt to the requirements of Chinese- English bilingual education, he studied Chinese very hard and learnt a lot of Chinese spoken language in only half a year. He could have daily conversation with Chinese. He's smart, hard -working and fond of Chinese culture. The teachers and students admired him a lot.Aaron told Mr. Owen before he returned to America: he would come to China again if he had another opportunity. Even if he could not come, he would try to do Sino- American cultural exchanges in America.

"Hunan Daily" reported on June 21 —

On the 15th of June, the parents of a drowning student of a primary school in Daoxian whom was saved by a foreigner, came to Daoxian No.2 secondary school to send English teacher Aaron and two high school students the pennant “save drowning child bravely, we will never forget your kindness”. The parents also took Aaron's hands and thanked him again and again.

On the 14th of June, it was a rare sunny day after days of rain. Foreign teachers Aaron was about to end his teaching job and go back to America. The students of class 10, Daoxian No.2 Secondary School, Wang Yongxing, Jiang Mi invited Aaron to have lunch out of the campus. Around 2 p.m., three people entered County Park to take pictures. When they went near Ailian Pavilion, they suddenly heard a child crying out. They saw a child was in water about 8 meters away from the bank. He was struggling.

Just at that moment, Aaron ran to the place where the child fell into the water and jumped into muddy floods. Wang Yongxin who could swim also jumped into the river to save the child. As the water ran fast, the child was rushed to more than 20 meters away from the bank. Aaron and Wang Xing couldn’t reach the child. Because there was a big storm just a few days before, the water was rather deep; there were more plants too. All the people who stood at the bank were very worried about them.

Time past and past, the situation was getting worse. At that moment, Aaron unlocked his belt and threw it to the drowning child whose name was Zhu Wen, let him seize it. He then carefully pulled XiaoZhu to the bank and finally saved him. At that time, Jiang Mi called the Emergency Phone 120 but the ambulance had not arrived yet. The child‘s body turned to purple and had no breathing. Aaron forgot his pain and did artificial respiration, cardiac massage, pouring out the water to the child. The child threw out a lot of water and finally resumed breathing. He was out of danger. Then, an ambulance rushed to the scene. Aaron sent Xiaozhu to the ambulance. The child was quickly taken to the hospital. Aaron was relaxed when he was sure that the child was safe. Then Aaron came back to the school with Wang Yongxin and Jiang Mi.

(Editor: Liu Jinlan / Written by: Jiang Pinguo, Jiang Xiaoguo, He Meidong )  

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( Originally published in 2007 , Page Update / Saturday,19.11.2011)

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