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A Middle School Student's View on Bilingual Education

Source : the book Teaching English Abroad.         Author : British VACATION WORK officially

Teaching English Abroad【Leaderette】Buckland International Education Group was established over the years. It has been committed to cultural exchange, introduction and training of foreign English teachers. Then the Group sends teachers to various schools to carry out English curriculum reform and bilingual education. The Group has achieved good social effect and striking results. Domestic media have reported a lot (click)

Recently we heard that Teaching English Abroad,the book which British VACATION WORK officially published,introduces the institutions and organizations about introducing and training of foreign teachers in China. The book speaks highly of Buckland International Education Group. You can see in the book, page 393-394:

Placement Agencies and Organizations

Many organizations recruit teachers for China from the UK. Nina Capek chose Buckland International Education Group to help organize her teaching job in China, and is full of praise for them:

Foreign teachers are not required to pay a fee to sign up with Buckland unlike some companies who charge a lot of money. They sorted out my work visa for me; they collected me from the airport and put all the new teachers up in a nice guest horse for their first five days in the country. Pay was not as good as with some other companies, but the support and conditions made up for it and the wage was sufficient to live like a princess anyway. Ok, some people lived like queens, but I wanted security.

Facilities/Support:free accommodation provided for all teachers. Fully-furnished, private flats with at least one bedroom, living room, kitchen with full facilities, computer with internet access, air conditioning. Work visas provided for all teachers regardless of length of contract. Free training course which covers how to teach Chinese students.

  • Group photo of foreign teachers
  • Foreign teachers are listening to the training class
  • Teaching practice is one part of the training session
  • Teaching practice is...
  • The living room of foreign teacher’s apartment
  • School leaders and CEO Mr. Owen visit foreign teachers...
  • The CEO Mr. Owen visit foreign teachers...

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China's domestic media reported Buckland

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