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Site:  HomepageEventsYangshuo County Guilin Celebrtated the "International Volunteers Day" in Buckland • Owen College

Yangshuo County Guilin Celebrtated the "International Volunteers Day" in Buckland • Owen College

Source :Yangshuo Television (Reporter Meng Yonghua),etc        Author : This site compile

Volunteer training in ChinaAccording to Yangshuo Television (Reporter Meng Yonghua), the Communist Youth League Guangxi District Web site report/ our website integratedDecember 5, 2011 was the 26th International Volunteers Day. On that day Yangshuo County held the celebration in Owen College. Yangshuo County Civilization Department Deputy Director Yang Shengjun, Group Deputy Secretary of the county Huang Xiuqin, Owen College Princeple Mr. Owen and more than 30 overseas Chinese and foreign volunteers from Buckland International Volunteer Association attended the celebration.

In 1971, UNV (United Nations Volunteers) was established and its purpose was to mobilize dedicated volunteers whom have some skills to help developing countries, to achieve their development goals as soon as possible. In 1985, the 40th UN General Assembly decided that, since 1986 every 5th December as the "International Volunteers Day", which aims to encourage governments and organizations around the world, praise volunteer contributions to society and to mobilize the community to actively support and participate in voluntary services.

Attendees reviewed the volunteer activities in Yangshuo county in recent years, and issued the certificate of international volunteers for five new members whom just joined the V.E.T. (Volunteer English Teacher)

"Buckland International Volunteer Association" was established in 2001. The President was Professor Laurie from Canada (Chinese name: Lao Lei). Laurie went home because of personal reason. So Mr. Owen, the general secretary introduced the association work: under the support of Buckland International Education Group, the association organized volunteers to participate the 5 June World Environment Day, 14 June Blood Donation Day, 26 June International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit, protection activity for Li River and public service activities about culture and sports.

The Association also gives full play to its advantages. It often organizes foreign volunteers to carry out education activities in rural primary schools, to stimulate children's interest in learning English by using some funny ways and to help children improve their English grades quickly. Some volunteers even teach for one year for free.

For 10 years, the Association organized about five hundred people participated in various volunteer activities in Yangshuo every year. In various forms of public welfare activities, we can see the volunteers from Buckland International Volunteer Association. In the commemoration of "International Volunteers Day", the leaders commended the volunteers’ contribution to the cause of public welfare, and wished foreign volunteers vigorously promote the "dedication, friendship, mutual aid and progress" of the volunteer spirit, to make new contributions to economic and social prosperity and stability and harmony for Yangshuo County.

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Seattle Community College...

The Establishment of the Culture Exchange Program between Seattle Community College & Buckland Group


The U.S. government recently launched the "Ten Thousand Strong" program. No doubt, this will bring us great opportunity to promote cultural exchange and international volunteer activities.

【According to People's Daily report on December 10】 United States sent 100,000 students to China in four years-- this is the U.S. government's " Ten Thousand Strong " program. This is a project to promote American students to study in China that the Obama administration specifically established to focus on the future of Sino-US relations. In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama visited China and first announced the plan that sending 100,000 students to China in four years. In May 2010, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally launched the program in the high-level Sino-US cultural exchange seminar.

McGonagall Ford said that the President Obama and the Secretary of State Clinton pay great attnetion to the " Ten Thousand Strong " program and consider it as a major investment with strategic importance. Firstly, it is an investment in China-US relations. Let more and more American young students to study in China, experience and understand the real China, which plays a very important role in the development of cooperative and comprehensive bilateral relations and friendship between the two peoples.

Secondly, it is an investment in the U.S. and world economy. American young people must grasp the language skill and cultural and historical knowledge when they contact with the Chinese, in order to ensure long-term U.S. economic prosperity in the future. Thirdly, which of course is a strategic investment in the United States younger generation. We believe that the program will train a large number of U.S. international senior professionals.

McGonagall Ford said, " Ten Thousand Strong " program focuses on four goals. First, increase the number of American students in learning Chinese and studying China. The proportion of Sino-US exchange students is still evident. According to the statistics from U.S. State Department and the Institute of International Education, the number of Chinese students who go to the United States grew 23%, 15.8 million students in total from 2009 to 2010. China has become the super country to sent students to study in the United States.

In contrast, only 14,000 American students study in various schools in China, less than 2% of the total number of Chinese students studying in the U.S.. The U.S. government plans to increase the number of students to 10 million in four years. The second is to promote the diversity of American students studying in China.

In addition to continuing to encourage college students to apply to study in China, " Ten Thousand Strong " program will focus on attracting and helping more students from rural areas, ethnic minorities, low-income families and community college and school to study in China. The third is to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. Fourth, to enhance mutual understanding and learning between young people.

"Ten Thousand Strong" program although was initiated and coordinated by the U.S. government, but all the funds were required and operated by the U.S. private sectors and non-governmental organizations. Preliminary estimates, the program needs at least $ 68 million in financial support. According to McGonagall Ford’s introduction, the program has already received more than $ 11 million in funding, Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Motorola and other large multinational companies are major sponsors.

In the concrete operational level of the program, co-sponsors and special schools establish study abroad program. The U.S. students can apply to study in China and get financial help. Meanwhile, McGonagall Ford thanked Chinese government for setting up scholarships for "Ten Thousand Strong" program. In support of "Ten Thousand Strong" program, China has decided to offer twenty thousand U.S. international students scholarships in the next four years.

It is reported that, in onder to promot " Ten Thousand Strong " program, under the support of the U.S. State Department, American Studying Abroad Promotion Association cooperates with China, and they will hold "Happyness" concert on December 17 at the Beijing National Stadium. Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have congratulated for this concert. McGonagall Ford will present as an official U.S. representative. The "Happyness" art week will also be officially launched in Beijing on December 10.

McGonagall Ford said the future Sino-US relations depends on the younger generation between the two countries. Only having a deep understanding of each other we can ultimately win.

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